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All About Singapore


AllĀ aboutĀ Singapore

Singapore is a popular island as it is very famous for fashion, hi-tech, modernization, living standards, delicious food, heritage and advance means of transportation etc. There are many places which are must to be visited. Singapore is the city-state of the Malaysia and it is a very neat and clean island which is rich with nature. The government of Singapore is very strict about cleanliness. The people of this place are very cool and educated and English is commonly used among them. Most of the part of the population is of the Chinese and rests are from the other countries. This city-state is a very good example of unity in diversity as the people here belong to different cultures and societies but they have good bonding with each other. The currency used here is Singapore dollar. People like parties and enjoying and love night life so there are many happening places available here in which you can enjoy and have fun at night if you like parties then this is the best place for you. If you want to enjoy the real life of this place then you can travel in the MRT mean mass rapid transit it is the fastest means for the transportation.
There are many historical structures and modern structures which shows their own importance can be visited you can see the state of art in Architecture. The most common place is Capitol building of Singapore which you can see. Recently it was renovated and it took three years to renovate the building. People of Singapore love food and there is variety of food which you can relish everywhere. Universal studio Singapore is very famous for the roller coaster which is loved by every generation here you can enjoy the rides of roller coaster.You can find Best astrologers in Singapore as well. There are many festivals and events which the people enjoy throughout the year and the food festival and night festival are celebrated with great pump and show. The Gardens by the bay where fifty meter long tree structures are standing they are decorated with colorful lights and these trees are the must see during the night. You can also enjoy different restaurants, clubs and specially rooftop bars. Sentosa beach is the best place to enjoy. There are plenty of beach bars here you can enjoy day time parties and have fun. Singapore is known for the lavish and fashionable lifestyle and some of the biggest Ships in Singapore.